Name: IATI Datastore

Reference: (International Aid Transparency Initiative

Need to Act?

The Datastore is currently in its first release.

Data that is recorded on the IATI Registry, and is valid against the standard, is pulled into the Datastore on a nightly basis. This enables people to query for IATI activities across several facets (eg: country, publisher, sector). Activities that satisfy the criteria can then be access in XML, JSON or CSV (spreadsheet) format.


The IATI Datastore is an online service that gathers all data published to the IATI standard into a single queryable source. This can deliver selections of IATI data in JSON or XML formats, or CSV (spreadsheet) for less-technical users.


International use.

Call to Action - #ACT4SDGs

Recommended are:

  • Adoption by international organizations and national governments.