Name: Interaction template

Reference: A template for describing the events included in the Events chapter of the Interaction Dictionary.

Need to Act?

Due to "unfinished collaborative planning" and "process documentation" journeys of many organisations, event lists in process repositories are often missing.

Often the event modelling is part of the scope determination in requirements engineering, but the resulting models are not an integral part of the process and solution documentation.

If this situation looks familiar to you, then check the Blueprint section and the #2030library case.


Name Name of the event
Domain Domain of the event. The domain is expressed via one or more hashtags from these topic dimensions: economic activities (isic), sustainable development targets (sdg or sdt), functions of government (cofog), and Addis Ababa Action Agenda (aaaa).
Social actors and roles The active elements, for instance social actors or roles that typically trigger the event.
If the actor or role is described in the Actor Atlas then its page will be referenced.
Triggered interaction The interaction that is triggered by the event. If the interaction has a separate page in the Interaction Dictionary, then it will be referenced.
Token The token that comes with the event and will influence the specifics of the interaction that will follow.
Other characteristics
Part of Another event of which the defined event is a part
Parts Other events that are part of the defined event
Succeeding events Events, these could be more than one, that may typically succeed the event
Action Realm One of the three realms in which the event is positioned Operations, Monitoring & Evaluation or Change.
Value impacts Whether the event erodes, creates or is neutral with respect to livelihood resources of those impacted by the event.
Further reading

Further reading about the event.

For the meta-model supporting the definitions in this template, see the business service pattern (token=Business Object).


The Events chapter in the Interaction Dictionary provides completed event templates for a small number of "abstract" interactions. As part of the Partner livelihoods chapter of some requirements engineering cases the templates will be completed for more concrete events.

Variants: business event template and application event template

Call to Action - #ACT4SDGs

In the #2030library case we will demonstrate the role of events in the as part of the process documentation, and how requirements articulation for the library stakeholders proceeds via annotations with respect to the event (or process) models. The annotations per stakeholder are elaborated in the #2030library case.