Name: Disaster Type

Reference: A component of the GLIDE Number.

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Code Type of disaster
CW Cold Wave
CE Complex Emergency
DR Drought
EQ Earthquake
EP Epidemic
EC Extratropical Cyclone
ET Extreme temperature (use CW/HW instead)
FA Famine (use other "Hazard" code instead)
FR Fire
FF Flash Flood
FL Flood
HT Heat Wave
IN Insect Infestation
LS Land Slide
MS Mud Slide
OT Other
ST Severe Local Storm
SL Slide (use LS/AV/MS instead)
AV Snow Avalanche
SS Storm Surge
AC Tech. Disaster
TO Tornadoes
TC Tropical Cyclone
TS Tsunami
VW Violent Wind
VO Volcano
WV Wave/Surge (use TS/SS instead)
WF Wild Fire


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